Hot pants for Dynamite body

Another test piece, the pattern still need a little adjustment, Nyanko’s happy she scored it for now :P Took some day time photos of/with Himitsu in her bikini too :D

Noticed the photos look a bit pinky/yellow when I copied them into the computer ^^; Maybe because the sunlight is quite harsh when I took the photos ^^;

Back of the hot pants are a bit loose around the waist, but it looks okay in front no? ^^;

Need to make a slightly better match bikini bottom for Himitsu ^^; Or maybe Hot shorts for the regular DDII body :P

Together <3

Anyone going to upcoming Doll show in Japan? ^^;;; Talented Mai chan of Mai Little Alien and JET SET kindly invited me to take part… I won’t be going this time, but Mai is very kindly bringing limited pieces of my work for sale! >o<;

I will post more information as it gets closer!  This is my first time taking part so I feel very nervous and excited! :D Ganbarimasu! p(^o^)q!

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