Did some test sewing today on my last day of my break from work ^^;

It is still in testing stage, so a bunch of details are still in need of tweaking but I had fun! :D I also had to do some photoshop fixing on the images :P

This test sewing is based off Danny Choo‘s mascot Mirai Suenaga‘s school uniform ^^/!

The ironing of the pleats take a long time, but the skirt is the easier item to make, compared to the blouse for sure ^^; The collar turned out better than expected so I am happy with that :)

Looking forward to complete the final stuffs, but may have to wait before I start again cos I start work stuff tomorrow ^^; *gulp*

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2 Responses to Mirai cosplay?

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    what a cute!!!!

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