Dollfie Dream M bustTest blouse 2

So instead of making the same uniform over and over (and making mistakes at the same time ^^;) I decided to do a basic blouse from a tweaked pattern from my first attempt. Skirt is from previous attempt :3

There’s a slight “dent” under her collar, so I gotta fix that in the next edition (eek) and if I can I’ll probably take in a bit more near her waist…

But otherwise I am pretty happy with this one :D just need to add some mock buttons ^^;

Mirai got a new friend in the mail today ^^;

Lucky enough to win the Tsukasa (Lucky star character) Figma from a contest held on :D ^o^ Now the figmas will occupy Mirai while I work ^^;

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    kmyk Hmmm okay certain fabrics (Cotton, non stretchy material) it’s easier to do that with :) I use the little holes and feet of the presser-foot ( to help me make sure I sew on the exact line from the seam allowance. I know some of my friends cut the seam allowance a bit wider, then trim it off later. Also with thinner fabric, some people use tracing paper or tissue as a lining/stabilizer and peel it off after :) Hope my reply can be of some help ^^

  2. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I actually wanted to ask you, how do you sew your seams so that they are so close to the edge? Do you use stabilizer underneath the fabric or is there another trick to it?

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