Daisy Bikini preview

I had this idea for a while now, and finally put it into action ^^;  Then…. I counted the daisies I have and realized I don’t have a lot of it for too many so… So!  I want to find out which style do you prefer?

This post is mainly to document the sets, I will tweet the latest updates @puppy52 so stay tuned!  Meanwhile I am trying to source for more of the daisies appliqués so fingers crossed!  In future, if I managed to get a replacement daisy appliqués they will unfortunately probably look different from these… ;_;

Here’s the more modest set which is made to fit the default smart doll default S bust (see below)

…and the string bikini style (see below), which looks great on L bust but also looks nice on the M bust.

After posting a sneak preview on twitter, I was asked about if I could make the string bikini style for the S bust, so I decided to take some photos of the actual string bikini version on the S-bust to show you how it looks like, I experimented with using an external flash and got the three pictures below (Hence the difference in the background ^^;)

As you can see in the pictures, especially the one below, you will see the line between the bust and torso when worn with the S bust.

Below are some fun artistic shots I did :3

Lastly, a video early preview by Kodama Anime his cutie Chitose and Starlight modelled the Daisy Bikini (he managed to acquire it ahead of time when he ordered the Puppy shorts, as he called it lol) — I think he hit the jack pot on the day and location :)
Please check out his videos and give him a holla!

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