February Doll meet 2014!

It’s always nice to go to doll meet, meet new and old peeps, and dolls :3

I brought Aki, Taiga, Ebichu (Mini Mamachapp) and Mokotan (Mamachapp) Galamirix’s Saber next to Aki and Taiga is wearing a pair of Angel Wings jeans XD (thank you~) MDD kneeling on the table is bluestarbaby (thanks for hosting)’s Yumi :P and the Yo-SD (I forgot name lol)

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Micro Mini Doll Meet 2014

Hung out for a day with Cocoon B. and Hinokit – haven’t done that in years o_o;

I brought Ebichu (mini Mamachapp) and Aki with me, and Aki managed to borrow a bunch of wigs and clothes and almost like she had her own fashion show while the light lasted LOL

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Dollpa 29

Long time no post! As I recently got back from a rather long trip to Japan, I am still rather jet lagged unfortunately, been waking up at really odd hours… 3-4am?! And only copied a load of photos onto my computer just yesterday. I finally got to go to Dollpa and Doll show this trip and I am excited to share my experiences!

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Halloween doll meat in Richmond 2012

Had to say doll meat… feels appropriate for setting the Halloween mood ;P

See the full set on flickr here!

I will pick a few to post under cut :D need to zz soon =_= another busy day ahead tomorrow >_<;

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Dollfie Dream comrades!

Had a very intense Sunday (27 Nov 2011), after very little sleep on the night before ^^; was probably running on sheer adrenaline :P

Thank you Haku1923 for meeting up at short notice, sorry I felt like I crashed your DD display table ^o^;> It was super awesome seeing Sora and Aura in person, my photos does not do them justice… please ask Sorahomu chan not to shoot me… XD;;

Very very happy to meet a few blythe friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time (thank you Matin, Lisa and Natsuko for coming to meet me <3!!!) After having a late lunch with a couple blythe friends, I rushed off to join my husband who was checking out Danny’s filming of Culture Japan, which unfortunately I missed most part of >_<; To see more please check out Danny choo’s blog post and NagatoPyon’s post!  :D we were lucky to catch Teddy again, and other than Danny’s lovely waifu Jay, I met for the first time Syaoran and his sweet girlfriend Mi-chan, and also NagatoPyon’s kind partner, AND  not forgetting the gadget guy Steve Nagata ^o^!!!!

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Doll meet at Queen Elizabeth Park

Took Mirin and Pi chan with me to a doll meet on Saturday at Queen Elizabeth Park (QE park for short)

I invited a friend who’s interested in the Dollfie Dream to go as well XD

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Blythe Con Portland – 20th June 2011

In this entry I will talk a bit more about the items available at Blythe Con Portland this coming Monday, 20th June 2011! I am sharing a booth with Yuki, killertomato of

I am reporting live from Portland at the moment (Woohoo)! First impression of Portland is that it’s a very beautiful city and I want to live here :P

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