Doll meat at Urban Tea Merchant 2013

Archangeli‘s Nana (DDH07) with Saya ^o^

Brought Saya and Ebichu (mini mamachapp) to the meet earlier today :D

It’s the first time we see a DDH07 pre painted head girl in person ^o^! I like how her eyes are painted ^^

From our left, Lightning Sabre‘s Meiko, Nana, Kentaro’s little SQ lab Moe, Saya, Chiseen‘s Volks girl (Oops I don’t know her name ^^;)


Ah there’s Ebichu! :3

This time I had a petite tea set :D with a tea called Red Chocolate tea :9 It was really tasty!

Hmmm who’s that creeper behind Ebichu? O_O Oh it’s Galamirix LOL! He forgot his dolls and camera LOL!

I was convinced to give the fruit in the picture another try when the server mentioned that it was delicious! The previous experiences I had with the fruit on cakes and pastries was not good before, but this time I was lucky that it tasted great :)

Pretty shoes!

Looks like Ebichu is having fun ;D

So many colourful boxes and boxes of tea ^o^

It’s time to go after out tea session :3 Ebichu waits patiently for us to pack up ^^

One of the servers kindly allowed us to take photos of our dolls in the display case :D It was a bit nerve wrecking as the tea sets inside are very expensive lol!

Ebichu in these adorable tea cup sets reminds me of the spinning tea cups in theme parks!

One more photo before we leave!

It got a bit windy outside, brrr!

No stand! lol

Finger bomb XD

Went around for a few photos, but realised my camera setting was wrong (gah!) Oh well >_<;

ETA: managed to convince someone to join me ;P

Thanks for looking :3

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  1. chiseen
    chiseen says:

    Wow, you’re so fast Chun!
    I’ve just loaded my pictures into my computer, still need to edit and go through them. ^^;;

    I think next time I’ll just get the petite tea. The signature was suuuuuper filling. XD;;

  2. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Looks like a fun time out to a doll meet. ^^

    The DDH07 is hit or miss for me. For the default painted DDH07 it all depends on the eyes & wig to make her look good. Custom heads I often either find them excellent or totally off.

  3. Flamebyrd
    Flamebyrd says:

    We used to have a bush that grew those berries when I was growing up. We called them gooseberries but it seems like they’re more commonly called chinese lanterns.

    Anyway, looks like you had fun! Lovely photos, as usual.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Oh! Now you struck something in my head! I FINALLY realised what these berries look like before they’re ripe now! XD Hopefully you’re feeling better and see you next time!

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