Blythe Manna Energy Dress Drive

Remember my brief mention earlier this month about a charity related sewing I got myself into? I managed to finally pack up the finished items (made little by little over time) and sent them out last week. The sets reached Gina Garan, organizer of this particular dress drive safely today (woot!)

Flowers and Clovers

Only managed to take some quick indoor lighting pictures before I packed up the dress sets (oops) but if you’re interested in viewing my creations…

Sweet Pinks

Berry Dotty

Own a blythe doll and interested to purchase a set of clothing and do something charitable?
Quick summary: 10 best sets from all over the world is going to be selected to be auctioned on ebay, proceeds going to the selected charity. The rest will start at $50 USD per set on, prices will be lowered after intervals of a few days, but you may not get what you want if you waited too long ^^

Click here for link to the more official information :)
To see other wonderful creations for the drive, here’s the flickr pool ^^/ Please kindly note, this is a blythe dress drive, so naturally there’s gonna be plenty of blythe dolls wearing the creations by doll seamstresses, so if you’re not a fan of blythe dolls, you had been warned!

I didn’t have time to let my Mamachapps try out the dresses before I packed them up, but I think for these dresses, the neckline is probably a little bit too big for the child-like bodies of Mamachapp dolls. I hope to make a better pattern for the mamachapps later when I have more time ^^;/ (One more thing on the to do list ^^;).

Okie Blythe doll photos ahead! :P

Rayray my first blythe doll (lightly customised Velvet Minuet) modeling Flowers and Clovers.
The pocket on the apron fits the pullring nicely :)

The dress can be worn without the apron as well for a different look ;)

Had to let Daisy try out the dress too ^^; 

I totally need to take more pictures of Daisy and Clover before returning her to her current owner ^^;/
Hope to catch cherryblossom season soon!

Here is a screen capture on  thisisblythe:


Berry Dotty worn by my Angelica Eve, Eve (lol)

Details on the socks

Here is a screen capture on  thisisblythe:


Sweet Pinks on Maple, my Hallo Harvest.

Simple knee socks…

Here is a screen capture on thisisblythe:

I had bigger ideas for the initial designs, thought long and hard about them, sketched the ideas out and all, but due to time constrains from various interruptions/work I had to simplify my ideas. But overall I think I quite like how the sets turned out :)

The outfits are packed with a hand drawn tag :) Sorry for the poor lighting ^^;

Okie thanks for peeking ^^/!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @Aquilla Thank you :D I’m glad you like them! It’s nice to sew a bit again, for a good cause too :3 but I also need to find some time for some other work stuff (oops!!!!) lol

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