Mmmmm doll meat… delicious! lol

The evil food portion of this meet can be found on my other blog entry here :)

Thanks Archangeli for making time to meet up when you’re in town for work :D

Blurry group shots lol!

Patty’s sweet Gabrielle :D Akira dollfie dreams are so cute!

Taiga and Patty’s Medee ^o^

Patty requested to meet Tsun tsun Taiga lol

TCM’s little Suzu takes after her “papa” :P

No! Don’t eat it! :P

Beautiful flowers, chick and eggs basket from Patty <3

Bluestarbaby’s Yosd girl :)

Back home after some fabric shopping damage lol, happy there’s still some decent light to take a few quick photos ^o^!

Lovely necklaces from Patty <3 Spoilt little Taiga scored a new dress before the meet ^^; If anything the MDD size is a bit easier to sew for due to the lack of curves XD I was testing out ribbon embroidery on the collar of the dress :D

I didn’t have time to make anything new for Aki unfortunately :P I had a migraine the most of the Sunday =_=;

Attendees not including myself: ArchangeliLightning Sabre, Sasarai, Itsid8, TCM, Bluestarbaby, Kentaro, Casper XD the girls were outnumbered lol!

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6 Responses to Doll meat at Urban Tea Merchant

  1. You know sometimes I don’t notice that the guys outnumber the girls anymore. XD It was like that too on the Saturday meet, lol.

    And wow! Awesome embroidery! O_O

  2. Smithy says:

    Looks like a fun event with lots of cute DD and other dolls. ^^

  3. […] (and the food!) that I haven’t shared here! Also, puppy52 posted some super cute pictures on her blog […]

  4. Archangeli says:

    It was lovely to finally meet you, and in such a nice venue too!!
    It’s too bad the weather didn’t co-operate >__<"

    I'm glad Aki and Taiga like their presents! ♥ I hope Aki shares some Easter eggs with her sisters too.

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