Doll Show 37

Managed to see Mamachapp actual booth at the doll show! So darn cute!!!

I’m slowly getting better from jetlag I think, woke at 5+ am instead of 3-4 am today ^^; So looked through and edited photos of doll show 37 today! ^o^/

The venue is the same as iDoll, but the crowds feels a lot larger O_O also there’s definitely more booths o_o; I felt like I didn’t see every booth :P

This time I went with bluestarbaby, we didn’t intend to get any limited items, so we went around 10+am, queues and number drawing for order of queuing starts way earlier ^^; We managed to come across Matin san when we tried to join a queue,

There was a public announcement to inform us photos are only usually allowed after 12 pm, and we have to ask for permission in Japanese for photos of booths/displays. But for some reason I didn’t take any photos with my actual camera until I went to the owners display table area ^^;

Too bad the mamachapp I like is not for sale, or perhaps thankfully they’re not for sale :P Since I have already went over my budget (argh!)

Managed to visit DDmmf‘s booth, saw her cute custom in person! ^o^/

Visual Doll booth :D

Momokos are so stylish ^o^!

They also have some of the best backdrops ever!

Before I decided to go to the owner’s table display area, I went to check out  Momolita san’s booth, ^o^ She’s so nice and friendly and her works are so cool :D

Finally reached the owner’s table and found  Namo san and Marimo san ^o^

ETA: Namo san’s blog post with way better photos here ^o^/

I brought Taiga and Ebichu ^o^ My friend Lisa brought her Kenner, James along XD and she joined in the group photo XD! After that we met up with Natsuko :3

Finally I went to walk around to try to take more photos, before leaving the event ^^;

Really happy to also see  cnvl san and his lovely Yuki (who decided to upgrade her bust area for the day XD)

I think this is Suzuhico san‘s Melty if I did not remember wrongly ^o^

Azure san‘s girl is chillin XD

So many well dressed girls around ^o^!

Many neat props too!

Sometimes drama happens ^o^;

I wonder what was in the pot?

So cute! <3

Too cuteeeeeeeee!

Really adore this elf girl custom!

So cuteee!

Okay then the photos abruptly ended here ^o^; I think by now we were super tired and hungry lol!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I wished I covered more, need to train up more if I ever go to a doll show again :P

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  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    These were AWESOME, Chun!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! And omg, that lineup of all those little Neemos in the red jumpers just did me in, it was toooo cute!!!!!

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