Random shop updates!

24 Mar 2012:  All DD items have been shipped! Hope it reach everyone soonest!

21 Mar 2012:  Packing in progress! If I am able to ship earlier I will, it really depends on if I can bike out the next few days before the weekend when I finish packing :) Thank you for waiting!

15 Mar 2012:  Items which are paid for are being packed and will be shipped on weekend of 24-25 march :) Thank you everyone!

Usually I will tweet when I update the shop.

There was an issue with the shipping not included when I use paypal as a payment option o_o so Looks like I have to manually send invoices again >_< So sorry for inconvenience!

Blue/green/brown argyle micro mini skirts, 2 styles of peasant tops.  One skirt with ruffles which I only made one of in blue plaid fabric. I haven’t made tops specifically to match the brown skirts yet, but it goes well with a solid white top :)

Items will be listed randomly over 2 weeks and everything packed to ship on weekend of 24-25 March.

Pleaseant tops can be worn tuck in or out of the flirty micro mini skirts :)

Peasant tops fits various bust size and even Dynamite body :D Just the back and bottom hem will sit differently on the doll’s hips.

Sorry, this fitted white shirt is not available yet, I still need to tweak the pattern, but I wanted to show how the brown skirt will match a white shirt :)


Only one of this skirt below is available, skirt should best match something in white I feel…

Thanks for looking!

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  1. PrettyCranium
    PrettyCranium says:

    Blue argyle skirt ordered! Please wait to ship, I will be trying to order more. Thanks for making these, Chun!

  2. Mio Mio
    Mio Mio says:

    OOOOOH *3* Hopefully I’ll have a few bucks in my pocket to buy some clothes for my girls >w<

    I really like the ruffle skirt @w@

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