Long time no Taiga? ^^; I was going to make something for the bigger girls then I remembered that I have not been giving Taiga much attention…

I felt guilty and end up making her something new ^^; It was a good experience tho, I got to try something out and used a lovely new fabric I got recently :P

Made this with part of a pattern I created last year, it’s a simple baby doll-ish top/summer dress thing :)

Taiga has nice legs ne?

It’s been kinda chilly these few days, so I made her wear a pair of leggings :P (photoshopped this one lol) If you prefer to see her with joints click here ^^

It looks bright outside, but it’s  rather cloudy and windy, could be rainy even…

Would be nice to take some outdoor photos with Taiga again sometime! With joints, click here ^^

Would be nice if there’s sandals which fits her properly :P

Till next time! :)

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20 Responses to Taiga’s new outfit

  1. Wow great photoshopping there! How long did those take you? XD

  2. Anouc says:

    hahahah i like the most of your clothes… but thats not my style…

  3. ncmaothvez says:

    Yay! Taiga! <3 She's such a cutie.

    Still can't believe her eyes are painted on. They look so good.

  4. lu-k says:

    Ready for summer!
    Bery cute :3

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