Dynamite Blouse

Phew ^^; Kept spark90 waiting for quite a while now, thanks again for waiting patiently for me to work on your items!

Blouse for DDdy body normal bust  is the first item I got to, took around 3 tries to reach this stage, the necktie is a mock version, to see how it looks.

I am generally reluctant to take sewing commissions, it’s nothing personal really — they seriously take me a bit too long to complete, especially if there’s a few items in a set ^^; I want a cloning machine or something for doll clothes!

As each of the body and bust (I have M/L/Dynamite) the Dollfie dreams fits the clothes differently, I often have to start the pattern from scratch before I can make something, and sewing and tweaking can take a few tries over days or weeks before they actually work the way I want it to.

I started to sell items on Artfire recently, I need to make sure I continue this steadily, and it helps to a certain extent to get some cash flow in — very glad that there are people who like my sewing to buy them, thank you so much!

But I also need time to make them, which will slow down any type of “custom” work in progress ^^;

Also I prefer to take payment when I am nearer to completion of a set so that means I don’t get any $ until then and no $ is bad since we need $$ to erm buy stuff (like fabric and materials)/pay bills XD!  If I take the cash beforehand I feel pressured and rushed that can cause bad workmanship — waste more time ^^;

I’m interested to hear what people would like to see made tho. I won’t always be able to make by order, but if I am inspired to make something which is close to what people want, I will try to make it and list it in future :)

Mirai being cute and dangerous…

Don’t move! She’ll shoot!

She knows kung fu too! (LOL)

Thanks for looking :3

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