Office Lady skirt for Dollfie Dream

Got an order from Danny’s musumes to make a skirt to match the office lady wear I made last year ^^;

At first, I made a version where the back is closed with doll velcro.

I really wasn’t very sure if I like how it looks at the back after I was done ^^;

I know most of the time we hardly take photos of our doll’s back view, but I think it’s always good to be able to reduce some bulk whenever possible.

So today when I remade the skirt, I decided to try to install a zip at the back to see how it looks. Luckily I found the 3 white zippers which I bought a while back ^^;

While it’s not perfect, I think it looked better than the first version ^^;

With the slits on the side, it makes some poses a lot easier ^^

Mirin worked hard for these photos ^^;

Boota the chick wants in… ^^;

Dollfies dreams have such lovely legs!

Mmmmm… pies…

Looks okay with the blouse tucked out too ^^

Omake with Nyanko :P Some point in time Nyanko lends her bikini top to to Mirin to wear under the blouse, so she demanded to have some photos taken too ^^;

Yum… thanks for looking!

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    why don’t you try and put the zipper on the sides where there are already seams? It would look more realistic too

  2. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    The zipper looks so neat! For me it’s the hardest part…. have you sawn it on the reverse? I mean, just the zipper “teeth” …at least it looks like it, because it is almost invisible, very good job!!

  3. spark90
    spark90 says:

    Hmm was this made specifically for a DDdy? I remember them having more curvature on the rear and thighs, does it pose more challenges?

    • chun
      chun says:

      This one is made for the regular DDII bodies I have a pattern for the DDdy body but have not adjust to fit the zipper yet ^^;; and yes with the DDdy body it is more tricky :3

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