Adventures of Mamachapps

…and Alpacas :P It was a nice autumn day (without rain) and we were lucky to be able to go outside for some photos in between some errands :3

Vivi and Mokotan are having fun with their new pets ^^; (Alpaca race?)

Went to Minoru park ^o^/ They had a warm up at the Arena before the actual race ;D

Water break? lol

Love the slightly lost and confused look XD

And the journey continues…

The sun got kinda glaring some point in time ^^; Husband took some photos too, I think his turned out way better than mine ^^;

Change of location ^^; Went to Richmond city hall, cos I remembered seeing some nice autumn scenes when I take the bus ^^

The Wind up Alpacas are fun! ^o^ Have you gotten yours yet? lol

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