Nyanko can’t wait for summer!

I took Nyanko out with me when I decided last minute to check out Fan Expo Vancouver on Saturday afternoon ^^;

I couldn’t go in for long so, I took some photos with Nyanko before I head back to base :P Thanks again Lightningsabre for your help ^^;

It turned out an okay day, quite sunny some point in time, but rather cloudy and chilly under the shade ^^;

Had to do some editing to the photos ^^;

As usual I kinda blocked out my surroundings as I take photos of sexy Nyanko in public XD

I went into the expo briefly to meet a youtuber called FLuffeeTalks lol I thought his sense of humor amusing ^^;/ He has over 600,000 subscribers o_o;/ May not be appropriate for all audience tho ^^/

To those who were asking/interested — I am currently preparing some Dynamite size clothing! Thanks for waiting patiently!

Nyanko worked hard helping me model some test sewing, so I took her out with me :3 The cardigan and shorts are from a while back, but I am considering to make some to go with the tops, either separates or together *rubs chin* Gotta crack the whips >_<;

Thanks for looking! :D Hope you had a nice weekend :)

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