Ball joint doll meets

Had a very small meeting with a couple friends, Mai and Nurie cos I promised them a couple things to do with them regarding sewing :)

Below is picture of Mai’s lovely Yuzuki chan, being stalked by LOL Yoshi ^^; Don’t worry, no dolls or cats are harmed in the taking of these pictures ^^;

We were graced by very amazing weather (despite the cold). The neat thing is all of us owned rather different types of dolls, so there’s quite a variety despite only 3 people :)

Below is Nurie’s twin licca dolls and mine is in the middle :3

From left: Pingu (the felted penguin) Lati white special, and Lati white, and Mokotan (Mamachapp)

Himitsu chan had her wig styled by Nurie :D It’s so cool how a wig can be styled differently :3!

Mirai baby sits the Lati white babies with her dynamite bosoms ^^;

Mai bravely let Yuzuki pose with “sharks” in the background(our cats – Ginko and Yoshi)

I was trying to purchase the 1:3 size DSLR miniature for my Dollfie dreams but it ended up being a 1:6 scale :P my bad for not reading carefully ^^;

But well now Mokotan gets to use it ^^; I gotta find her spare hands for her to use it properly ^^;

After messing around with the daylight with photography etc, we got down to business, I did a friends only demonstration of making a collared shirt for Mai’s boy doll who sat out this time :P The shirt below still need some top stitching, darts and fastenings, but the general idea for the collar is there ^^

We did all the sewing in the small little room which exploded with everyone’s stuff ^^; Husband helped me moved another table in the night before, making it even more cramped, but the extra table was neccessary ^^;;;; It was definitely very challenging to work in a small space ^^; I hope I might get some shelves to display my dolls in rotation mode later on :)

Demonstrated to Nurie how to make a dress for Licca/Blythe size :3 I feel kinda rusty :P I slightly modified the pattern from one of the dolly-coordinates book :)

Took Himitsu with me to a different doll meet on Sunday and felt like my bigger girls don’t have any winter clothing, so before that made a mock winter jacket for her to wear.

For other photos from this meet, please check out the pages below:
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The pattern was for L bust but since Himitsu (in M-bust) was wearing the sweater underneath, it fits rather snugly :)

Lastly, the NSFW omake:

The NSFW bum crack shot is coming up! You been warned :P



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