Customising Taiga Nendoroid

As you might know I am quite obsessed with Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, but I am rather picky with the figures etc, so I don’t just buy every single one available out there ^^;

When Taiga regular sized Nendoroid was announced, I was very excited at first, but after I saw her final face, I must say I was rather disappointed as I felt that she wasn’t screaming Taiga at me :P

I prefer the Puchi Taiga Nendoroid’s faces a lot more and was sad that the regular Taiga Nendoroid is not close to them ^^;

For some reason I preordered her anyways as I did not want to regret not doing it and having the price inflate in the aftermarket ^^;

I decided to swap a face which I have of Haruhi Nendoroid, but while I tried to do it when I took Taiga out of the box, I realised that the old Nendoroid head is a lot bigger than the small one (doh!) So I whipped out a penknife and started shaving the plastic at the back :P

It was not a perfectly done job unfortunately but I finally managed to get it to fit somehow without falling apart ^^; The mini Tiger cat included was cute tho, and a good size for my custom Mini Dollfie Dream Taiga ^^!

Maybe who knows, I bought the Nendoroid just for this little cat :P

While Haruhi’s face is not exactly perfect fit I felt that it’s a little closer to what I want it to look. I am unable to close the gaps on the sides unfortunately :P (no pictures of that, sorry!)

I might try to modify the original nendoroid Taiga’s face a bit when I have time perhaps ^^;


Of course I have to pose the mini Tiger with my Taiga Mini Dollfie Dream ^^;

Taiga’s Jacket was purchased 2nd hand from our last BJD doll meat :P

The even smaller tiger cat was from a different figure which was acquired many moons back ^^

Thanks for looking :D

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  1. Jezrah
    Jezrah says:

    Where did you get the school girl shoes for both Taiga and your bigger DDs? I’ve been looking all over but it seems some companies used to have them but are long sold out, and others never had them to begin with. I’m a little nervous to try to make some as I can sew but I’ve never made shoes before…

    • chun
      chun says:

      Taiga wears shoes meant for MSDs? Some are a bit loose tho. This one she’s wearing is actually tight around where the ankles are, but loose where the feet is? :) I got it when I was in Japan, from a table! Unfortunately it was their last pair it seems I cannot even find them on their site at the moment ^^;

      Some of the shoes meant for Unoas (a bit smaller? than regular MSD shoes) seems to fit Taiga as I used to have a Narae (resin BJD), and Taiga wears most of her shoes and clothes after I sold my Narae. As for shoes it depends on what you like I guess, I buy from ebay time to time and there are a few pairs of maryjane style shoes which my girls always share/interchange feets with if I am too lazy to put them on or take them off lol! Good luck!

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