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Happy Valentine’s! This week’s  suddenly aquired School Life Set for Nendoroids ^^; Was surprised to find it available as I managed to miss the preorders ^^; Misplaced Yuki’s glasses (wah!) still haven’t found it ^^;;; Hopefully it’ll turn up sometime ^^;

Want to mention to some of you who enquired about commisioned sewing, I’m quite busy this week so I haven’t really started (ack) but I will e-mail when I get to work on your stuff. When I am less busy later this year, I will try to put up a commission section/update my etsy website. Thank you all for your interest, patience and support ^^/!

Need to find out how Danny clone himself :P

Brought my Licca chan with me to work this week :) She’s wearing beautifully made dress and socks by MforMonkey :) her hair band borrowed from Vivi my Mamachapp‘s stock outfit ^^! Her shoes belong to blythes :3

The nice thing about having different types of dolls with similar sized bodies, is that they can share clothing! Some may fit more tightly or loosely than others tho ^^!

Example: Mamachapp Ginny wearing poupee-mecanique made to fit blythe dolls, still looking very cute ^^! The bow on her head is too big since it is made for blythe doll’s large heads! :P But I couldn’t resist trying to put it on her lol!


Okie… Blythe doll pix ahead ^^ U be warned :P (please just scroll down quickly if you’re bothered ^^; I know blythes are not everyone’s cuppa tea)


Daisy wearing the exquisite work from poupee-mecanique. Unique hand made clothing can cost quite a bit of $ but considering the materiasl used, time and energy taken to design/create the outfit and the skill of the tailor/seamstress, I think it can worth every penny ^^;

Daisy took the chance to try out Ginny’s cute school uniform XD It’s quite tight on her around the bust area tho ^^;

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