We went to support a couple friend’s Yo Yo Tsuri stall at the Richmond night market near bridgeport station (Near River Rock Casino)

My friend lend me some ideas to bring dolls over for photos and I brought Pi chan and Mokotan :P

Don’t fall in!

Mokotan hang out… literally…

Both Mokotan, me and Pi chan got to play some rounds :3

If you were to go, please play a game or three before taking photos! :P

Thank you and Ganbatte <3!


6 Responses to Pi chan and Mokotan visits the night market

  1. kiralovesdogs says:

    Both Mokotan and Pi chan are sooooooo adorable! cuteness!

  2. […] One of our main reason for going was to support our friend’s Yo Yo Tsuri stall (I brought my dolls along with me :P) […]

  3. Peter Leong says:

    I love these two girls. They’re so cute and sweet. :D

  4. Smithy says:

    Cute girls in yukata? I’ll gladly play~

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