Shining Blade Sakuya get…

An unexpected addition to the Dollfie Dream family ^^;

Please meet Saya ^^/ (her new name) Saya is a “Shining Blade” Sakuya Dollfie Dream.

I was kinda enabled by my husband to enter the lottery for at last minute, and we won… ^^;;; and somehow it became a birthday present >_<;;;;;;;;;;;;

Loving the Tony Taka artwork on the box! ^o^

Aki welcomes Saya ;D Aki is still my favourite ok!

Docking desu

Saya borrowing Aki’s wig, from Miruya ^^

I feel that Saya gives an oneesan (older sister) vibe in certain wigs, as below…

But in her default black pony tail wig, she feels younger and cuter :P Her default wig is a bit hard to put on with the head protector ^^;


Saya borrows Aki’s original Yuki Morikawa wig.

Saya meets bluestarbaby’s Ayu and hang out a bit after our Japanese class XD

Saya looks cute in neko mimi no?

Mmm balloons…

Adorable :D

By the end of the day she goes back to the brown wavy Crobidoll wig (which I had to trim the bangs a bit) she’s wearing a hat made by Juu-Yuki ^^

She looks okay with glasses?

Stepswalker also acquired a beautiful Sakuya whom he dressed up in a beautiful Yukata and Mio’s default wig :D Do check it out~!

Thanks for looking! :)

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks! The default wig is kinda hard to put on properly but it photographs well ^^ I may look around for a dark wig for Saya later :)

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