Vivi got a little sister :D

Thanks to a dolly friend’s help, Vivi, my Mamachapp doll (red hair) got a “sister” ^^! She didn’t come empty handed (she holding a human sized chocolate :P)…

Vivi was happy to see her ;)!

While I think I like the brown haired dolly which was released at the same time, but this blondie cute too, and it’s good to have some variety :P I noticed she’s a smidge  shorter than Vivi (more pix some other time ^^;) , and that’s so cute!

She arrived not long ago, and I took her to work with me as a little distraction from a buncha stuff happening this week ^^; Think she’s a bit upset she can’t take stuff home :P

Her back view is so kawaii! :D

So is her side view ^^;

I think I might call her Ginny :)

Just for the record, a Nendoriod joins the family also ^^; Kawaii dechu?

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Halconnen probably the way their eyes are drawn make it seem so? I find that Vivi (the one with sausage roll hair) looks more innocent than angry tho lol. When the elbows are covered up (in long sleeves) they look less obvious ^^

  2. Halconnen
    Halconnen says:

    Mega-kawaii. Lol. I wonder why those mamachapps have those semi-angry expressions.

    This is the first time I see an elbow joint of a mamachapp. I found myself not really liking it.

    They’re mega cute either way, though. xD

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