As you might know I am quite obsessed with Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, but I am rather picky with the figures etc, so I don’t just buy every single one available out there ^^;

When Taiga regular sized Nendoroid was announced, I was very excited at first, but after I saw her final face, I must say I was rather disappointed as I felt that she wasn’t screaming Taiga at me :P

I prefer the Puchi Taiga Nendoroid’s faces a lot more and was sad that the regular Taiga Nendoroid is not close to them ^^;

For some reason I preordered her anyways as I did not want to regret not doing it and having the price inflate in the aftermarket ^^;

I decided to swap a face which I have of Haruhi Nendoroid, but while I tried to do it when I took Taiga out of the box, I realised that the old Nendoroid head is a lot bigger than the small one (doh!) So I whipped out a penknife and started shaving the plastic at the back :P

It was not a perfectly done job unfortunately but I finally managed to get it to fit somehow without falling apart ^^; The mini Tiger cat included was cute tho, and a good size for my custom Mini Dollfie Dream Taiga ^^!

Maybe who knows, I bought the Nendoroid just for this little cat :P

While Haruhi’s face is not exactly perfect fit I felt that it’s a little closer to what I want it to look. I am unable to close the gaps on the sides unfortunately :P (no pictures of that, sorry!)

I might try to modify the original nendoroid Taiga’s face a bit when I have time perhaps ^^;


Of course I have to pose the mini Tiger with my Taiga Mini Dollfie Dream ^^;

Taiga’s Jacket was purchased 2nd hand from our last BJD doll meat :P

The even smaller tiger cat was from a different figure which was acquired many moons back ^^

Thanks for looking :D

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13 Responses to Customising Taiga Nendoroid

  1. Heather says:

    It looks like it worked out pretty well!

    What will you use the other Nendo face for?
    I wish they sold spare Nendo bodies so that we didn’t all have all these strange little faces floating around!!!

    • chun says:

      Oh yes it would be awesome if they do sell spare Nendoroid bodies ^^ I think There’s this obitsu bodies which can be customised to fit Nendoroids tho ^^ I don’t like the other nendoroid faces as much so… they’re currently just sitting collectively in a box with padding lol!

  2. Yeesh a lot of shaving there! Haruh’s gonna send a celestial your way now XD

    Not sure if I like the big smile on Taiga/Haruhi hybrid there ^^; But it’s a Nendo, so you can do many other combinations too ^^

    • chun says:

      yeah gosh didn’t realise I have to shave THAT much O-o; you know after Haruhi season 2, I didn’t like how she was bullying Mikuru some point in time, I became less of a fan :P
      Taiga sometimes have happy/excited/mischievous face too ^^ That was why I decided to use it :3

  3. Yu Chann says:

    Seems like née-san & papa got the same habit of shredding up things…lolx (for the better purpose) =P


  4. Peter Leong says:

    I love all these little cuties. :D

  5. Miette-chan says:

    Oh wow, for all the figure collecting that I do I have yet to get into figure modification. Quite interesting too that nendo heads have gotten smaller or perhaps it’s a special for Taiga since she is a small girl?

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