Peasant blouse update :)

24 Nov 2015:  Most items in this update are disabled for now. Thanks everyone for your purchase!  Items purchased will be packed over next week, and shipped latest weekend of 21-11 Nov 2015. PS: If you e-mailed and I don’t respond immediately please do not panic, I may just be away from computer or sleeping at night.

After a long wait, finally have some items ready, I was going to update sooner BUT realise I ran out of a particular fabric =_=; then got interrupted by a zillion other things so… excuses aside here it is ^^; Whatever is listed in the shop I have one ready, so when the item is sold I will pack the following week, and mail asap, latest over the weekend after this.

Documentation of the items this time ^^/

Below, Kizuna in the orange floral blouse which is the last piece available unless I miraculously find more fabric elsewhere — I kinda doubt it though ^^;

Below Aki in Dollfie Dream M-bust wearing the same blouse.

I do have some of this vintage kitty fabric, which I can make a few more,

I don’t often make Mini Dollfie Dream clothes as I only have one ^^; but a few people suggested that I make some, unfortunately I have to price them the same as the larger size as the effort to make them is no difference — the darned hook and loop needed to hold the elastic collar is needed, and hand sewing them is not fun ^^;

Below is another blouse I can make a few more of – if there’s interest.

I managed to dig out another cute fabric I have, but this fabric the deer placement will differ every blouse, the black deers should not stain, but if you are worried, do not let your doll wear it for long periods without checking.

Below, Taiga in the cute Wings and Rainbow top, I still have more of this fabric, and can also make for DD/Smart doll size, so if there’s interest please let me know :)

Below, Kizuna wearing a blouse made with the “My little pegasus” fabric I created :) I probably can make a few of this too, but if I run out, it will be a long wait when I order the fabric — everytime I order, it take at least a month to reach me, and I have to make it, etc etc.

ETA: I made some blythe size tops too, but have not really decided how I should list them, some of my blythe friends/past customers have contacted me via e-mail, and I am able to make them too, if I am not too swamped. The blythe tops do not have hook and loops