Santa’s Helpers

2015 Nov 30: Christmas preorders have closed, thank you everyone! Check twitter for latest updates!

2015 Nov 25: Thank you everyone for your orders and prompt payment! I have to close the order now to keep the numbers manageable and I want to make sure to ship everything before December!

Please note this is a Pre-order type listing, order will close end of the week or when I run out of materials. While I wish I can sell a million of these (LOL) I’m only one person making/listing/packing everything, so I thank you everyone who have been more than patient with me!  Maybe next year I will be more ready, who knows? ^^;

This entry is a documentation and photos of the items.

Below is Kizuna in Smart Doll L bust, the top she is wearing will fit Dollfie Dream L bust and Dynamite bust as well, due to that the straps can be tied as tightly or loosely as needed.

Kizuna models the hat together with the top ^o^ a bit more on the hat at the bottom of this post.

For those who prefer a bit more “coverage” here’s a picture of Mirai in S bust, wearing the top made for L bust. It fits a little loosely I think?

Below is Mirai in default Smart Doll S bust, wearing the top made for DD M bust ^o^

Below is Aki, in Dollfie Dream M-bust wearing the same top as the photo above ^^ (She’s also borrowing Mirai’s shorter wig in the photo, which fits yey!)

Santa hats are listed separately, and the material I used is a knit fabric, unfortunately the red fabric may stain over time, not instantly but if in direct contact with vinyl over a long period there may be some colour transfer, BUT wearing it for a day over the wig is okay!

Also it’s time to bust out the link for the Santa hat tutorial ^^/ the steps are not exactly the same as the ones I listed — for those I listed, I hand sew the furry trim to the inside of the hat, rather than machine sew, but I hope it will help you make something for your dolls!