Winter collection 2017

23 Dec 2017: Thanks everyone for your orders, I have taken enough orders to close shop for a while and I will be working on making them over the following month. Orders from this time period may be ready to ship from 2 weeks to a month after ordering, due to holiday season. 

Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!

 Due to the limited availability of some of the materials, I will be randomly listing the items this week/early next week or until I run out.  This blog entry is to document the items for this upcoming update.  (Latest news is on twitter @puppy52).

Sometime ago I made something which I was very happy with inspired by an Inktober artwork (click to view) but I felt that it was missing some pieces to accompany it, so I created a turtle neck and skirts to go with it.

Then I got interrupted quite a bit (took JLPT with husband, had to study a bit more before that lol) and then… I wasn’t happy with the initial photos I took, had to retake them =_=;;

Note: Canadapost had been gradually increasing the postage so I have changed the shipping a little (hopefully it won’t mess everything up!) *fingers crossed*.  It can take up to 2 weeks to a month to ship this batch of preorders as Christmas is coming (more sewing interruptions)!  So if you place an order during this period, you will most likely get it sometime next year… ^o^;

Please note the clothing for this time is for smart doll girls S/M/L bust only (and will probably fit Dollfie Dream, but you will need to remove head/hands to pull over the turtle neck sweater), I am still working out some kinks for boy stuff, hopefully next year I will have something ready!  Once again sorry for the inconvenience!

Below we have Mirai in S bust wearing the caplet, the turtle neck and the basic grey pencil skirt.

Please note you will need to remove the head/hands of your smart doll to put it on the doll ^^;)/ I decided to make it this way as I think it looks better.

You can match the caplet with any turtle neck blouse you may have and the A line mini skirts also match with the bunny/kitty/black socks which some of you purchased before. The pencil skirt is a little long to go with the socks tho, below you see Kizuna in the Checkered red A line skirt and kitty socks :)

Very pleased to say the caplet looks nice on L bust too! ^o^ Below is Ebi in L bust wearing the Inktober inspired pull over caplet ^^.

Smart doll have such nice bodies :3

A line skirt is flattering to show off those long legs!

Cute vintage feeling with Argyle (Material has been stain tested, and should not stain, but don’t leave on your dolls for weeks without checking if you’re worried!)

Festive checkered red ^0^ (Material has been stain tested, and should not stain, but don’t leave on your dolls for weeks without checking if you’re worried!)

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  1. Misty Meggs
    Misty Meggs says:

    Just received two Smartdolls for Christmas and are really interested in ordering some of your beautiful items! Please contact me by email, thank you so much!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi, sorry I only saw your message here, I’m currently busy with a deadline coming in april so I cannot take any orders (only one person doing everything), if you are still interested maybe you can write me at puppy52(at)gmail in May to check?

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