Shop update – Bikini sets preorder and T-shirt sale

23 Oct 2014: I have shipped some items today and also on 18 Oct 2014 (did not have a chance to update), have one more shipping run to do — have e-mailed the buyer :) Thanks again everyone for waiting!

28 Sept 2014: I have packed and ship some of the orders which contained single items today(Sunday) at the postal service, some of you have received partial refund for excess shipping as the lady at the postal service said the single item can be shipped by a slightly cheaper option. I will be working on the rest of the orders. Thanks everyone for your fast payment and patience :)

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for ordering! I have taken some preorders & want to keep the number of items manageable, now only ready made T-shirts are in the shop. If I finish everything sooner than later I may open the pre-orders again later :)

Webshop is updated with preorder for bikini sets and some ready made T-shirts as seen in this post.

IMPORTANT: If your purchase includes a preorder it will mean your package will be shipped only after the outstanding item is completed.

2 images below are the same blouse, worn by Mirai Smart Doll Manual Version, L-bust

Aki is M-bust Dollfie Dream, wearing the same blouse as above.

My Yukino (Mirai) in Dynamite body wearing the Cow print Halter top.  On Dynamite body, the fit will be a bit different, there will be creases under the bust and at the back. Also print will differ each re-make.

Aki in Dollfie Dream M-bust wearing the same top as above

Ready made teeshirts, close at the back with doll velcro, as these are my personal preference for ease of wear. The teeshirt material is printed via my personal Spoon flower account.

Fits best on Dollfie Dream M-bust (and probably S-bust too) and S-bust on Mirai Smart Doll Manual Version. Below is Chunfish Cropped T-shirt. Shows the belly button :3

Bat Mouse Teeshirt, Medium length, if your girls own my jeans or skirts, the edge will touch the waistband.

Senmei (Mascot of Anime Revolution) Chibi fan art by myself. Medium length, if your girls own my jeans or skirts, the edge will touch the waistband.

Paw, my original character ^o^ Length is Long, if your girls own my jeans or skirts, the edge will cover the waistband.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. wieselhead
    wieselhead says:

    Nice clothes, I really like the flower pattern blouse, I bet my Mirai would really like to have it in her still humble wardrobe ;)

    Seems to be a very popular item though, in case you will be free to make some more, I would love to buy one.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hallo! thanks for your interest! You can e-mail me puppy52(at)gmail if you only want just the top, might be able to squeeze you in ^^/

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