Jeans collection 2012 – small update 2

Thanks to those who snapped up the items! Will pack them up soon :3!!!

This is a documentation blog post~!

Sorry for the strange colours of the photos, I was trying to use an external flash and I’m not quite used to it yet :P and I had to edit the colours in Photoshop ^^;/

I am currently working on a set for evilbay as well~ will likely be for M-bust~

A few more photos :D

Mirai (Yukino, in DDII body)

It looked okay on the camera, but when on the computer, the grey was completely off ^^; Hopefully next time I’ll do a better job at taking the photos with flash ^^;/

Saya (Sakuya Shining Blade dollfie dream DDIII)


Thanks for looking, and thank you everyone who purchased something and informed me when the items reach you :D! I really appreciate it!