Sweaters owed…

Even before my Mirai Yukino chan arrived end of 2008, me and Danny discussed a bit about what he would love for his Dollfie Dreams girlies to wear. Sometime last week, I finally got my butt in order and finished up a few things he waited for erm a while now (gomene!!! ^o^;;) Thankfully it reached him safely not burnt! LOL

I wish I can make the stuff as fast as the many ideas keep coming in lol! Anyone know how to cultivate a few extra pairs of sewing arms? ^^;

Anyhows, on with the rest of the pix ^^;

With this sweater I was trying out some new tags which I gotten sometime last year, but never had time to sew much so hardly thought about using them ^^; I want to give them a realistic look hence the placement :)

More nose bleed inducing cleavage  ahead ^^;

This white fabric is pretty stretchy ^^; gotta make one for my girl to keep when I have time in future ^^;
I was running out of daylight by the time I was done ^^;

Made some loose socks too ;) But I will have to let Danny take pix to show U peeps! ^^;/ The quick photos I took in little daylight at the time was unfortunately not very sharp. ^^;

This time I think I forgot to take pix of the tags lol! But I did remember to scan the “Care instructions” ^o^/


Thanks again Danny for trusting my work! ^O^! (And thanks those who are patiently waiting!)

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @Danny ganbare! ^o^

    @kmyk thank you! :D I hope to do that in more of my sewing in future

    @Arayden KOGs thankq ^O^ rori huhu hmmm I need to save up a bit more before getting more shoes for my Mirai chan ^^;

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