Even before my Mirai Yukino chan arrived end of 2008, me and Danny discussed a bit about what he would love for his Dollfie Dreams girlies to wear. Sometime last week, I finally got my butt in order and finished up a few things he waited for erm a while now (gomene!!! ^o^;;) Thankfully it reached him safely not burnt! LOL

I wish I can make the stuff as fast as the many ideas keep coming in lol! Anyone know how to cultivate a few extra pairs of sewing arms? ^^;

Anyhows, on with the rest of the pix ^^;

With this sweater I was trying out some new tags which I gotten sometime last year, but never had time to sew much so hardly thought about using them ^^; I want to give them a realistic look hence the placement :)

More nose bleed inducing cleavage  ahead ^^;

This white fabric is pretty stretchy ^^; gotta make one for my girl to keep when I have time in future ^^;
I was running out of daylight by the time I was done ^^;

Made some loose socks too ;) But I will have to let Danny take pix to show U peeps! ^^;/ The quick photos I took in little daylight at the time was unfortunately not very sharp. ^^;

This time I think I forgot to take pix of the tags lol! But I did remember to scan the “Care instructions” ^o^/


Thanks again Danny for trusting my work! ^O^! (And thanks those who are patiently waiting!)

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12 Responses to Sweaters owed…

  1. chun says:

    @lightningsabre well the purple one is actually not knitted ^^ Danny seems quite busy with programmy stuffs now so maybe later? lol

  2. Uwaa so that’s why you were busy with knitting! Cute instructions again ^^ I really wanna see those loose socks now! C’mon Danny… pick up the pace lol.

  3. chun says:

    @Arayden KOGs it’s cold here lol

    @meimi132 I think I mentioned before (probably on DC) dollfie dreams have similar joints to our 21 CM obitsus. For the SuperDollfies (SDs) – or general resin ball jointed dolls with the elastic strings in them, since the strings are elastic they stretch a bit so they can kinda wear stuff by moving their arms/hands into position. Otherwise the clothing usually have to be made such that they are easier to be worn (openings at the back or side etc). Hope this kinda answered your question meimi :)

  4. meimi132 says:

    Uwaaaa love that white jumper! Bother so pretty though! The white jumper sits so nicely on her.

    (I find it much easier to put tops on my obitsu’s the way you did with the arms lol. Can you do that with real dollfie though?)

  5. Arayden KOGs says:

    Pic 4 :p. I see eyes poking out :p

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