Dollfie Dream Bikinis random listing

** Paid items are being sorted and packed, thank you for waiting patiently, items will be mailed on weekend of 24-25 july and e-mails will be sent when they are mailed. m(_  _)m!

As I mentioned on twitter yesterday I decided to randomly list bikini sets over this coming week. When items are sold I will try to update the status when I get a chance to since I might be away from computer after I list.  On Sunday I probably won’t list anything (so everyone can relax a bit hopefully ^^;)

So how it is going to work is, if you happen to buy more than 1 set over this week on different days, I will refund any extra shipping so that you only need to pay one shipping cost for more than one set.

I will most likely be mailing everything out on weekend of 24-25 July. IF you’re very sure that you bought everything your dollfie musume wanted in one try, you can let me know and if I can pack and ship it sooner than weekend I will do so.  Hope this is clear!

Please note if you miss this batch please don’t feel too upset ^^;  I will likely make some more over the summer! ^o^ I need to catch up with some work/sewing this week+ When I start making bikinis again I will post and twit about it for a general idea :)

Forgot to take a photo of Himitsu and Nyanko modeling the set together ^^;

Last and not least, gingham bikini set which is winning by popular vote on XD

Looks like I may need to try to make another couple sets for later in the week if I can squeeze some time to do so ^^;

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Random listing you say? I wonder if I will end up missing like the previous times. Although if you ended up listing that suspiciously familiar frilly swimsuit you made for Himitsu a while back, I would probably end up camping to make sure I get it.

    • chun
      chun says:

      I was gonna make them, I had one in progress then I noticed there’s a slight dot (imperfection of the fabric) on one piece and I decided to list whatever’s ready first or I’ll never get them listed ^^; So more to come, really :) Just matter of when and how soon XD

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