Hanami in Tokyo

Due to some good timing and using our upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary as an excuse, we managed to visit Tokyo for about a week, just in time for Hanami! Meaning of Hanami on wikipedia.

This time we were quite broke (lol) so focused most of the time on taking as many photos as we possibly can, walking about was great exercise too lol! I brought Aki along with me for photos ^o^/


I managed to squeeze some time on the last week to make seifuku/sailor uniform themed clothes for her to model. ^o^/ They were made a bit too quickly and I noticed some errors on them unfortunately, but luckily in photos doesn’t really show I think?  ^^;

We have always wanted to visit Japan during the fleeting Hanami season but always managed to miss it by a lot (either days or weeks!) since the Sakura falls very quickly especially if the weather is harsh – thanks to rain and wind. In fact during this photoshoot, there would be some random strong gusts of wind threatening to knock Aki or my phone or camera out of my hands ^^;;;;;

The trees in Japan are really huge – very fluffy cherry blossoms when in peak bloom ^O^ It is really a magnificent sight to behold! Photos just do not do it justice!

These series of photos were taken close to Hikawadai station due to husband having spied someone posting some photos by someone on twitter at the perfect time! :3

During a short period when the wind seems to have stopped blowing, I took a risk and let Aki sit on her own for some full body shots :P

Some pigeons flew down thinking we had food for them ^^;

And then the wind started to blow again ^^;;;; so I had to support Aki closely ^o^;;

Finally an opportunity to let Aki stand on her own XP the area was rather shielded from the wind ^^

Nice to get a photo of Aki by the bikes ^^


Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    <3 <3 <3 we wanted to visit too this same period of time, but with our wedding comming soon, we postponed it for our honeymoon in october xD, but we want to go for the hanami season some other time!!!

    Aki is absolutely gorgeous, love the seifuku! and ofc mistakes are not visible, we are too picky :p I know, hahaha

    • chun
      chun says:

      There’s always excuse to go to Japan… just have to save up… we feel the pain in our pockets now LOL Luckily didn’t buy dolls or fabric this time (Had to avoid the places with huge temptations) :P But I’m very happy to see Hanami in Japan in person, it’s definitely a must see! Thank you! :)

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