Lil Fairy Vel

I was resisting and resisting and finally caved (thanks to a few people I follow on instagram who keep posting those disgustingly cute photos :P) I think preorder for summer is still on?

Went out with a couple friends on 13 March, managed to catch the begining of the blossoms close to where we hung out :D

The Pico Neemo body takes a little getting used to with the huge hands and feet… but the face… so adorable!

I think Vel gives a kinda Ojousama vibe :P she feels like she should be wearing a fancy dress and drinking tea, rather than a Maid chan XD

Her feet are so huge that she can wear some of the licca shoes (which are big for licca in comparison) ^^

Compared to Mini Mamachapp, her body feels a little more stable and easier to pose, her hands and feet doesn’t fall out easily (lol)

The only one thing which I realised for Vel is, her accessory is not as cool as the other two =_=; hers is a duster with a handle, and the other  two girls have a broom and a mop! So in the end…. preordered the other two for summer ^^;;;;;;;;;; (*cough*excuses*cough*)