Going to randomly list a few pants over the week, for this batch, I should be shipping on the week of 29-30th Jan ^^/

Thank you everyone who kindly informed me when the pants reached you and your girls :) Recap on how to put the pants on in this entry ^^/

Sisterly love yum :P

Need to buy more of the dark blue fabric ^^; not sure when yet…

Not much good daylight when it is cloudy and rainy ^^; hardly have a chance to take any decent photos ^^;

DDII brown:

DDII brown backview:

DDII dark blue:

DDII darkblue backview:


Green backview:

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14 Responses to Dollfie Dream Sandwich

  1. evilbluepoptart says:

    Do you plan to do any Dynamite jeans/shorts anytime soon??

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