Anime Revolution 2014

This year I attended Anime Revolution sharing a booth with two friends cocoonbaby and Hino (and a plus one haha), and here’s my brief report :P I was really sleep deprived LOL so was mostly dead at my booth, ^^;

Was really happy to meet some of you who found out about us on instagram @puppychun, especially when they mentioned Ginko and Yoshi! And really touched when people bought button or postcards when the characters are not the current popular anime lol! Thank you so much :) And of course for everyone who bought my hand made doll clothes, words cannot describe my happiness and gratitude!!! :3

Really glad I was able to take some time to quickly snap some photos of my custom Senmei Dollfie Dream which I spent a lot of time working on the past year!

I think she still can be improved, but I’m pretty happy with how she turned out :) I had to buy two wigs to combine to make the ponytail ^^; The outfit took a bunch of trial and error to complete…

Senmei pose with the super moe-some banner with 3D art created by super talented Digitrevx!

Most of the weekend we spent hiding behind our booth in the Artist Alley lol, I think I made a mistake of having blythe con and Anime Revolution a little too close together… XP I had an awesome time at Blythe Con Seattle tho! :3

Day 1 I was going to let the dolls sit with the wooden table but ended up putting goods on it and having dolls sitting on the stools side by side ^^;

Due to a miscalculation space was a bit smaller than what I remembered, but made the best of it tho! It was challenging to try to fit everything XD I had a lot of fun thinking up of poses and changing the little display when I had moments of clarity (LOL)

Creeper chun is creepy…

Near the end of the day, bought a couple tako shaped based mini plushies from, one of them sitting on top of Mirai’s head XD These little plushies were selling like hot cakes all weekend! People can’t get enough of them lol!

End of Day 1 – Pose inspired by a photo by Danny Choo (LOL)

Day 2, ready to go!

I stupidly stayed up almost all night to finish a skirt, because I wanted to wear it on Day 2…

Cos KITTIES!!!!!

Brought a very pissed off Taiga chan…

Changed the set up on Day 2, decided that the “little” table was too big lol, think this works a bit better? :3

Mirai worked hard taking photos of Senmei :P

Mirai chan kawaii!

Wardrobe change!

Someone remarked the mouse’s inappropriately labeled at an inappropriate place LOL!


Suddenly it’s Day 3?!

Thankfully @xlilarix from out of town, who bought a bunch of doll clothes from me on Day 1 came by again and I finally remembered to ask for a picture of her doll! XD I brought Aki on Day 3 ^^ She’s modeling a cute horned hairband made by Bluestardolls ^o^

My friend cocoonbaby also brought her beautiful resin girl to display :3  That outfit is so amazing! I also changed Mirai into the Mirai Suenaga Seifuku XD (I made it for L bust dollfie dream but somehow fits Mirai S-bust).

Kawaii Nana chan came by briefly and I asked her to have a picture taken with my Senmei Dollfie Dream! XD

Lovely Chiseenpaw and my ugly mug LOL I wanted to show the skirt HAHA

Omake: Love this fan art of Taiga destroying Puppy and Mouse (who are enjoying it it seems) I commissioned Hino to draw for me on the last day! <3

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed this entry ^^/ I will be trying to list some of the items left over and will post about it on twitter @puppy52 while working on catching up with work and also some commissions I took on before Blythe con Seattle x_x/ Thanks for your kind understanding!

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    • chun
      chun says:

      LOL creeper mouse… XD and Oh once in a blue baboon… HAHA and you know I don’t always dress like this :P so it’s like in disguise even though it’s a photo of me *muhaha*

  1. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    Lol at masochistic puppy and mouse! They seem to be enjoying Taiga’s rage a little too much! XD
    You look so cute in the kitty skirt! Nice to see pictures of you! Do it more often!!
    Looks like a lot of fun, and that maid with senmai is adorable.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Ahem ahem LOL I love Taiga! Hahaha! Next time I will have to make my own clothes way ahead of time and not do it during the con LOL I found the fabric at an odd time and never got around making ^^; thanks for your comments XD Maid chan (Nana) is a petite cutie pattootie :3

  2. kuraikawai
    kuraikawai says:

    looks like you had a great time! I sadly didn’t had tie or strength to take pictures at my con and didn’t even make a post about it :S and yours was 3 days!! good job xD I love the skirt you made, it was definitely worth to make it and stay up all night lol. Senmei-chan turned out sugoi! our anime-manga con doesn’t have a mascot sadly :p
    now take a good rest :) otsukaresama!

    • chun
      chun says:

      I was soooooooo tired… my friend who wasn’t as tired told me me and her sister were like zombies LOL! You had many dolls on your booth and I’m sure it must be difficult to leave the booth or move too much, let alone take photos O_o;;;;;;; And yes but I should have made it earlier, not during the con XD Senmei is a really lovely mascot ^o^ I’ll go to bed in a few minutes haha! <3 Thanks for commenting and cheering us on XD

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