Mini doll meet 2011

Meet up with a few doll friends over Saturday, DazeAsh, killertomato, bluestarbaby for a quick and dirty meet (LOL)

It was a grey and rainy day ^^; I brought Himitsu, Mokotan and Alpaca, but Mokotan ended up only appearing once – while I was waiting for my friend at the skytrain station ^^;

Himitsu borrowed frilly dresses which belongs to DazeAsh‘s dolls, it is supposed to fit the Volks resin girls, but fits Himitsu loosely ^^ Really love the adorable bonnet!

Nuuuu kawaii! The necklace is made by bluestarbaby ^o^

muhaha Alpaca invades….

Mokotan’s nameless alpaca meets bluestarbaby‘s Wallie ^^

Hat with a large rim lol borrowed from killertomato‘s girl :3

Really love how this wig look on Himitsu o_o borrowed from killertomato‘s wig loot :P

This is so kawaii too! Himitsu looks good with bangs :3

Looks like Himitsu had a fashion show ^^;;;;

Striped black/white dress is made by killertomato for Volks resin SD girls ^^

killertomato’s lovely Tsubaki ^o^ unfortunately my photos of most of the resin dolls turned out very yellow >_<;;; Even Himitsu’s photos I had to tweak quite a bit =_=;

Different dress/wig with same bonnet from before XP

Himitsu stripped down and lended DazeAsh‘s volks girl with Aria doll body her clothes… as you can see the bust area did not fit… but the pants fit loosely XD

Lovely volks resin girls :3 there were some YoSD kids too, but unfortunately my photos were poopy ^^;

omake: killertomato‘s kawaii Yoko~

Yoko bum XD

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  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Looks like a fun meet. ^^

    That long wig looks gorgeous on Himitsu, really suits her well.

    Often have issues with indoor white balance with my Canon too so I shoot raw nowadays so I can freely adjust the white balance in the resulting photo.

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