Dollfie Dream Lion dance

Over the weekend, we were running some errands and came across some pretty cool Chinese new year props which I thought my girls will enjoy :D Then monday a mail loot arrived for my musumes – Thanks Gordon and Alvin!

After we got home I just couldn’t wait, had to take some photos of the “lion” even tho artificial light just doesn’t always work too well :P

This “chinese lion” was actually a puppet, I thought the head looks the best out of the few I saw, so we got it :P

Himitsu couldn’t wait to try it out :D

Chang chang chang! lol

Luckily Monday turned out to be a nice bright day ^o^ Taiga was convinced to join in the lion dance ^^; (I removed some parts from the lion puppet so that it work better for the girls.)

I think Taiga wanted to be the head… but Himitsu told her she’s too short ^^;

The chinese new year card from Gordon and Alvin is very festive ^^ I taped it on the wall for a photoshoot lol!

The other girls started to come out to join in the fun :D Can you spot the difference? LOL

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! ^o^

Have a prosperous new year of the bunny!

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  1. Haku1923
    Haku1923 says:

    Strange how things around us are sometimes in the perfect size for dollfies^^;
    Nice dragon XD
    and I know it’s a bit late but Happy CNY!!~ :3

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hehehe yes ^^;;; dangerous to our wallets! It’s actually a “lion” but I personally think these “Chinese lions” looks kinda like tigers… LOL And It’s actually not late I think, usually chinese supposed to celebrate it for 15 days– the unmarried are allowed to go around visiting relatives and friends to get red packets for good luck! They gotta bring mandarin oranges during their visit tho! haha!

  2. Alpha Machine
    Alpha Machine says:

    @ Pic [I think Taiga wanted to be the head… but Himitsu told her she’s too short ^^;]

    Himitsu peeks thru the Lion’s mouth while Taiga helps herself to some extra change :p

  3. Sergeant Gordon
    Sergeant Gordon says:

    Glad u got the package. Just in time too. haha. ^^;

    Nice Chinese lion! And pink too!

    I think I saw the same thing here in Chinatown but not sure if it will fit a DD’s head. Scare later head go in cannot come out. O_O||


    • chun
      chun says:

      hahaha o_o yeah man, seems that there’s some big postal delay since last december =_= I know a lot of my friends from USA were having USPS related problems and me, some small items coming from elsewhere is just taking forever to reach =_=; And oh! it fits, but makes the wig messy when I take it off? ^^; the right scale should probably be bigger, but I think for my girls this one will do lol

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