One cold cold afternoon, took Blue chan out with me again and bugged husband (thank you! (^  3^)/) to take us somewhere different :P

Did not realise we can buy bat houses?

Not much shops are open on Sundays ^^;

Picture below was taken outside a shop ^o^

It was so cold, hard to take photos ^^;

Found random bits and bobs tho :P

After taking photos we went for a drink to warm ourselves up ^^;

Hey! We have a stowaway! :P

I ordered a non caffeinated vanilla flavored tea, and had it with honey, it was super delicious!


Omake: before we headed out, Blue met with Ayu chan XD

Ayu: BOO!


XD Thanks for looking!

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4 Responses to Change of scenery

  1. Otakusan says:

    Blue is so cute XD, I see nekomimi jointed at the end XD

  2. Smithy says:

    Nice photos! Looks like a fun day out.
    The stores look rather rural and quaint around those parts, lovely~

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