Petite Blythe

I was presented with a Petite Blythe during one of the Blythe doll meets by my friend mydollies4 and I managed to quickly customise her, in time to take her to a Mini Blythe meet in Granville island on Sunday! Oh, her name is Jules ;)

Petite Blythes are small and cute, and portable :P But I find it very fiddly to make their clothes =_=; I made her little dress from one of the Dolly Coordinates pattern :3

I wonder if I will make more petite clothes again? Who knows :P

That same evening, I went out for a walk with my husband and I took Jules out again XD

I wasn’t tall enough to do this, so I had husband literally lend a hand lol!


Look! Weeds! LOL

Dolls and flowers, always works :3

This super close up picture below actually showed how patchy the blush is :P I cheated a bit and used photoshop to blur it lol

Jules: “It was THIS BIG!”

One of my favorite photos~

Time to head back!

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  1. puddingcup
    puddingcup says:

    Thank you so much for the advice, now I’ll give you a joke that’ll make your day! Here’s the joke: What do you call an orange that got tan? a TAN-gerine. 0 v 0 LOL sorry that it’s corny but I couldn’t think of any other way or repaying you since I’m new to DDs. * 3 *

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :D I think she photographs well, she’s not a very fine custom — can still see scratches and smudges on her face up close in person LOL

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