Toadstools hunt with Chitose

Gosh, been a while since the last photo update!

Halloween is coming up quick, I was inspired to make a slightly “witchy” theme for Chitose…

In Autumn there’s a time when Mushrooms/toadstools are quite abundant, and we managed to hit the mother load of my favourite toadstool – Amanita muscaria.

This year I find myself reaching for her when I think about taking outdoor photos :P The other girls are jealous!

Trick or treat? Chitowitch will probably ask for toadstools and poisonous frogs…

Up up and away! I photoshopped off the black tripod air stand to get the floating look ^^)/

Ebichu snuck along too :3

Below are the two more perfect ones, I had to edit some dry grass off them but they look the best out of the lot ^^