Spring 2016

These photos are taken on 22 February, when my spidey senses told me that the earlier spring blossoms were coming out! It was still quite cold at the time that was why I dressed Mirai as appropriately as I could manage ^^ Unfortunately I couldn’t get more of the lovely pink fabric used for the caplet… >_<;

Please click the photos for larger images!

Spring is one of my favourite seasons in Vancouver, after a long cold and grey period, the colourful flowers are ready to come out, so are my dolls lol!

The photo below is actually one of my first few shots, I was so out of practice the white balance is a bit off ^^; I wasn’t able to match it perfectly to the rest of my photos unfortunately, but I do like the composition of the photo, and Mirai’s adorable expression that’s why I decided to post it :D

There’s more photos to come, hope you enjoyed these :D

Bonus Plum blossom :3