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  1. Shiaoran
    Shiaoran says:

    I really must know where to find myself 1/3 Canon cameras. I have Takara Tomy ARTS’ Pentax ones, but they’re no Canon ;)

  2. Sister Kyoya
    Sister Kyoya says:

    Oh my gosh, SO many wonderful photos! I’ve been bitten by the Mirai bug the last few days and your beautiful pics make me long for her even more. <3

    With my DD I'm notoriously bad about not using stands (I don't think we have any for our DD) mostly because they always looked big and clunky. Mirai's stand looks like one I'd actually use!

    You pose her so naturally too. And yes, I'm definitely envious that you get to play with such a cutie! :D

    ~Sister Kyoya

    • chun
      chun says:

      I was so happy with her when she arrived, I felt like I wasn’t going to get any work done :P I hope you will get her in future! Danny is making her a standard release which is AWESOME lol I don’t like using stands too, and sometimes even when using a stand there’s always a possibility of the dolls falling =_=

      • Sister Kyoya
        Sister Kyoya says:

        Getting so excited about Mirai has given me the kick in the pants I’ve needed to finish some things so I can start saving for her. She’s perfect for a character I’ve been trying to work on, but admittedly I mostly want her for her body. XD

        I’m really curious to see how the DD clothes I’ve already designed will fit, especially since she has more of a realistic waistline.

        My husband and I are both super excited about the automatic version too. I really can’t wait to see what she can do!

        Have a great day!

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