Hopefully the familiar scenaries are not too boring LOL! We kidnapped Archangeli a bit when she was in town, and Aki and Hinata (Shino dollfie dream in DDIII dynamite body) went roaming the streets of Steveston Village on a cold but somewhat sunny Sunday :D

Warm up shots :P

Hinata is making sure Aki don’t fall off the edge LOL

Okay sitting might be a bit better…


And then we started walking around looking for better photo opportunities…

Hinata shows us the snow drops are blooming ^o^

Aki takes a seat on the trolly :3

Photogenic girl :3

I think the girls are having fun ;D

Made our way to the sakura trees which are somewhat blooming, it had been windy and rainy the past week :( the petals are not done fully bloomed and some are already falling =_=

It’s still very pretty and quite romantic no?

Hinata is showing us… her necklace ;D

She asks you to take her hand ;)

Aki <3 Her skirt is so short, she was flashing her pantsu a lot :P

Aki photobomb!

Unfortunately picture below did not turn out properly focused lol

Photogenic girls <3

Sexy posing lol!

Oh lala ;)

Thanks again for hanging out with us Archangeli and Hinata! I think I had a nice time shooting Hinata lol!

6 Responses to Hinata and Aki roams Steveston Village

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    Travel to Canada

  2. […] with my iPhone since I forgot my camera, but Puppy52 posted some beautiful photos that she took on her blog […]

  3. Heather says:

    Aww, they’re such cute girls! And what lovely blooms as a backdrop… it’s still so freezing around here I’m shocked there are flowers!

    We have snow flowers T_T

  4. Otakusan says:

    Beautiful day out with pretty pictures ^^

  5. Archangeli says:

    Wah! So many pretty pictures!! I had a super fun time – and so did Hinata! ^___^”

    • chun says:

      Thanks again for making time to hang out! :D So glad the weather turned out alright lol! Otherwise this won’t have been possible!

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