Himitsu overload

Was mucking around with a test pattern and Himitsu reaps the benefits for now since the pattern is created with the M-bust DD in mind :3

Sometimes after taking pictures of the doll wearing the final piece I realise there’s more stuff I want to “fix”… *facepalm*

For this version, I made the end of the sleeves a bit longer so that when the arm is bent the sleeves will still cover a reasonable amount of the ball joint of the wrist part.

The drawback is the sleeves will be quite long when the arms are at ease, almost covering the thumb of the hands ^^;

With the apron and headdress from the last test attempt, Himitsu looks like a maid in light blue? :P I was actually thinking inspired by Alice in Wonderland when I picked the fabrics :)

Dollfies has such wonderful body ^o^ I love their long legs :3

Favorite pose of this series :3

Thanks for looking! :3

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    • chun
      chun says:

      I think lenght of the skirt is mainly a personal preference thing ^^; Also when I make test stuff usually I make it a bit shorter to save fabric for final pieces, so time to time they may be shorter than intended.

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