Was mucking around with a test pattern and Himitsu reaps the benefits for now since the pattern is created with the M-bust DD in mind :3

Sometimes after taking pictures of the doll wearing the final piece I realise there’s more stuff I want to “fix”… *facepalm*

For this version, I made the end of the sleeves a bit longer so that when the arm is bent the sleeves will still cover a reasonable amount of the ball joint of the wrist part.

The drawback is the sleeves will be quite long when the arms are at ease, almost covering the thumb of the hands ^^;

With the apron and headdress from the last test attempt, Himitsu looks like a maid in light blue? :P I was actually thinking inspired by Alice in Wonderland when I picked the fabrics :)

Dollfies has such wonderful body ^o^ I love their long legs :3

Favorite pose of this series :3

Thanks for looking! :3

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18 Responses to Himitsu overload

  1. BCOtaku says:

    Hmm.. The new outfit makes Himitsu looks like a cute little girl , altho I’m sure she’s one. =x But the chest area seems to be quite err.. blank. Meido Himitsu is really sweet!

    • chun says:

      lol well the M bust is generally not as curvy as the L bust and DDdy bust ^^; This dress’s top is not as tight fitted either which is likely why Himitsu appears um flatter (lol) but yes she’s supposedly not as “developed” as compared to Mirai and Mirin ;) If I use a different pattern it’ll probably be more fitted but the darts will show more obvious when she’s not wearing an apron ^^

      • BCOtaku says:

        I mean the chest area of the outfit ^^;

        • chun says:

          Ah! I realised I probably misinterpreted you when you said blank lol! I left it blank as I was gonna try to make an apron for it ^^ I may also make the bow bigger in a different style so that it rest on her bosom to create a better point of interest ;)

  2. She looks seriously cute with the apron. Nice work on the outfit ^^

  3. Tsun-chan says:

    Looking real good Chun, she does sorta look like she could be in Alice in Wonderland in that outfit..

    Hmm Himitsu in Wonderland.. sounds like a good parody.

  4. Miette-chan says:

    That dress looks really nice on Himitsu and there is no way there can be a Himitsu overload. I was thinking she reminded of Alice in Wonderland right before you mentioned it.

    Light blue maid is a nice choice in my opinion less chances of staining that the traditional black outfits.

    Since I can’t make my own I will place my bets on the new He is My Master outfits announced by Volks.

  5. You are getting REAL GOOD at sewing for DDs. Yumiko is watching with great interest.

    You also made an interesting observation about the legginess of DDs. Which other dolls are incredibly leggy? Obitsus. This is why Yumiko and Zetto look so cool together. They both are made of leg. Here, see what I mean:


    Maybe they don’t look entirely of this world, but as far as looking like they’re both from the same planet, it all works out.

    • chun says:

      Sewing for bigger dolls is actually slightly easier than sewing for smaller ones ^^; but if I make a mistake I waste more materials =_=; I wonder if I will ever own an obitsu haha! Maybe when I make more $ then I’ll think about it ^^;

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