Mirai at Garry Point Park

Brought Mirai out for a quick outting — managed to catch the sun set at Garry Point Park ^^; and some early spring blossoms :)

Look! No stand! :P It was not windy so I dared risk it lol, yes she’s on high heels too ^^;

Background in focus :P

She looks like she is out of the country or something ^^;

Mirai’s wearing a nice sweater made for SD size girls made by bluestarbaby purchased at the meet :D

Kinda backlit picture ^^; had to do some adjustments in photoshop :P

Waiting patiently for us to be done taking photos of some early spring blossoms ^^

The deer print is so cute <3

We almost missed the sunset as I took quite a while to redress Mirai ^^; at least 15-20 minutes so my husband claimed :P

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