Two piece swimwear

I was haunted by a particular anime’s two piece swimwear for a while nao (Can anyone guess what it is?  No prize tho LOL), wanted to make it ^^;;;;  After I did some pattern testing, decided to take a break to sew something for hardworking Himitsu :P

The more finished items for the Doll Show 28 are currently sealed in a zip lock bag, I want to take better photos for Mai to post on the page ^^; but can’t wait to show a peek here.  Like I said I will also be posting some items online ^o^ (finally?!)

I may post it at my page later on and perhaps a set or 2 on ebay, will announce my artfire/ebay listing when it’s up via my twitter and here :)

Meanwhile, all the “test sewings” are also preparations for future items, I just want to make sure they look right before I post anything final ^^;, meanwhile see hardworking Himitsu model my test stuff for me. ^^;

Below is the dress/top I was working on earlier today, there’s actually an even earlier version but Himitsu said it makes her look fat so I no post the photo :P

I changed the pattern a bit but haven’t sewn the 2nd version yet ^^;

Below is my favourite shot, despite the artificial light ^^;

Himitsu must be thinking: “SCORE!”

The ruffles were a pain in the butt to make for the top ^^; I will not be making this design for L or Dynamite bust because, the ruffles make the larger busts look ridiculous, also the ruffles tend to flip all over the place =_=;

Sneak preview of Mirai modeling the test version of the striped top: I made a small change for the final pieces.  And oh, she’s on the Dynamite body ^^; Her shorts are also the first test piece of the hot pants ^o^

Looking at her bosom makes me feel a bit breathless LOL

Moar later, thanks for your patience!

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  1. reaperofleaves
    reaperofleaves says:

    Yoy sew such lovely stuff! and I have so much extra material lying around… Too bad I have very ‘regular’ sized dolls, no L busts here, lol. Do you do any sort of commission work? It all looks so good!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Haro, sorry I am not doing commission work at the moment ^^; they tend to take me too long to finish and I normally prefer to get paid after everything’s complete, so if I do commission a lot I won’t get paid very often lol when I accumulate some items I may bring them to doll meets I think.

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