Two piece swimwear

I was haunted by a particular anime’s two piece swimwear for a while nao (Can anyone guess what it is?  No prize tho LOL), wanted to make it ^^;;;;  After I did some pattern testing, decided to take a break to sew something for hardworking Himitsu :P

The more finished items for the Doll Show 28 are currently sealed in a zip lock bag, I want to take better photos for Mai to post on the page ^^; but can’t wait to show a peek here.  Like I said I will also be posting some items online ^o^ (finally?!)

I may post it at my page later on and perhaps a set or 2 on ebay, will announce my artfire/ebay listing when it’s up via my twitter and here :)

Meanwhile, all the “test sewings” are also preparations for future items, I just want to make sure they look right before I post anything final ^^;, meanwhile see hardworking Himitsu model my test stuff for me. ^^;

Below is the dress/top I was working on earlier today, there’s actually an even earlier version but Himitsu said it makes her look fat so I no post the photo :P

I changed the pattern a bit but haven’t sewn the 2nd version yet ^^;

Below is my favourite shot, despite the artificial light ^^;

Himitsu must be thinking: “SCORE!”

The ruffles were a pain in the butt to make for the top ^^; I will not be making this design for L or Dynamite bust because, the ruffles make the larger busts look ridiculous, also the ruffles tend to flip all over the place =_=;

Sneak preview of Mirai modeling the test version of the striped top: I made a small change for the final pieces.  And oh, she’s on the Dynamite body ^^; Her shorts are also the first test piece of the hot pants ^o^

Looking at her bosom makes me feel a bit breathless LOL

Moar later, thanks for your patience!

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  1. Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass
    Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass says:

    Thanks for giving the M-bust girls some love. The ruffled rhumba bikini set, however, isn’t really Yumiko’s style. But definitely yay for effort. And it looks great on Himitsu.

    It’s kawaii enough and age-appropriate enough for a little girl bathing suit…you might want to do an MDD/MSD version of it. Again, not really Namiko’s style either, but more girly-girl MDDs would look super cute in it.

  2. mrsmarks
    mrsmarks says:

    Those DDy clothing items look great! I’ll definately be stocking you on Twitter to see if I can get a set! <3

  3. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    That Railgun’s Misaka style two piece looks so cute! Mazing job there. ^^

    I’d definitely be interested in any DDDy pieces you might be selling later on. ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you! I am gonna focus on gettin stuff ready for doll show, also if in case any left over from doll show I will likely list them too I think? It’s a bit hard to predict what will sell sometimes lol

  4. Motoko Yamamoto
    Motoko Yamamoto says:

    I love them all!!! especially that little cardigan sweater! Not only are your sewing very good but you got good taste in the fabrics you use too! (wishes to buy some clothes from you one day) Well keep up the good work.

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