Parabox 40 cm custom

I got increasingly curious about the Parabox 40 cm body after seeing this flickr group discussion, and the 伝達戦士コクチバンR (Galaxy Police) blog’s cute P-chan custom doll didn’t help the temptation…

Today a head, body and wig arrived…

Warning: Doll nudity ahead, probably NSFW.

Asked Mokotan to help document :P

Box contained a clear plastic box which held the body in a plastic bag, wrapped with a sheet of bubble wrap. head is as we can see in a plastic bag, wig as well ^^

Dunno where Mokotan’s taking pictures of LOL, the black round item is a metal plate as this body has magnetic feet. ^^

Got Tsuntsun Taiga out to compare ^^; The white skin colour is slightly lighter than the DD skin tone. But I believe it is a closer match compare to the “normal” skin of the Obitsu/Parabox series.

I was quite tempted to let Taiga have the body at first… But then I felt hmmm the colour difference would bother me :P

Bottom left, Taiga head, Bottom right P-chan head. P-chan head is slightly smaller than the DD head.

Below you might see the colour difference a bit more.

P-chan head (white skin) has some light guidelines to help people customise the head a bit more easily

I wanted to make something like a larger scale Mokotan ^^; Which was why I purchased the P-chan head — as informed by the blogger of 達戦士コクチバンR (Galaxy Police)

Took picture of Mokotan (she’s a Mamachapp doll) and had her close by for reference.

I’m glad I only bought one wig from Parabox, as after I tried to put it on the head, I decided I probably don’t want to buy anymore of their wigs ^^; The wig sheds a lot of hair, and is quite difficult to pull over the head as it is rather tight. I tied twin tails on it at the end :)

Below I already carved and sanded the mouth off, also had to carefully sand around the nose a bit to get the desired shape. I find that sanding this head feels a bit easier than the Volks head? I seem to feel that this head is slightly softer.

I used a pencil to roughly sketch out where I want to work on.

Gotta do it really carefully and slowly, one eye hole first, then try to match the other eye…

I actually think I made the holes too big (oops), used whitetack to temporarily stick the eyes on to check and fine tune.

After I was done with the eyeholes, the next step is a coat (or 2) of Mr. Super Clear matt. Then painting…

After another coat of Mr. Super Clear matt, and sticking the eyes on (I used low heat glue gun), we’re ready to attach head to body ^^/

With the help of this pretty awesome and clear mimiwoo tutorial, ^o^ discovered thru this flickr discussion.

I would highly recommend putting the screw thru this part first, unless your screw driver is magnetic, this will make it a lot easier to do the screwing after the next step.

Pushing the stick thru the neck hole need a lot of strength, the metal coil is very strong ^^; (Please refer to step 5 of the mimiwoo tutorial)

Complete! Putting the wig on Newbie chan took a lot of time LOL

I may call her Moto chan or Pi chan ^^; may be Pi chan since Moto chan sounds too close to Mokotan — confusing desu~
I hope Taiga is not too mad, she has company close to her size now too :P

Omake: Puchi Nendoroid Popura chan… SO SO CUTE, she’s smaller than Taiga a little lol

Do I have mini con? ^^;;;;;; But I don’t like Sea-monkeys….

Also a local dolly collector also gotten one of these Parabox 40 cm girls too! Check out the poseability! ^o^

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  1. oreocookie
    oreocookie says:

    ohh I ment because I didnt know if it had a removeable head cap XD.
    thats good to know. I was about to get a P-chan head but I got the 2nd default head.
    the misuzu one >w<. I have been looking at obitsu and dollfie dreams for the past days lol.

      • oreocookie
        oreocookie says:

        I got her head. :3 my doll came today she’s adorable,
        her head is blank. I want to do her face. i tried and failed before I could even get far with it.. ;A; ) freaking sealer is still on her face, and I cant find my windsor&newton brush cleaner to take it off. how do you make your faceups look so cute and nice?
        I think I tried to make it look fancy but now I like how simple most obitsu and DDs have their faceup/makeup.

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