Vivi in the sun

Before I start with the photos of Vivi, I wish to thank (たいたんnoページ) for featuring by linking to some of our doll entries here :D Domo arigato! Thank you those who visited, we hope you enjoy the photos! (^o^)/!

Once a week I go to a mall in our area to help a friend watch their toy shop, during nice weather like this, I try to walk rather than take the bus, it’s good exercise and I get to take some good photos along the way to work. And Oh, Vivi is wearing a test sewing meant for blythe, but turned out fit her better ^o^;

This week I managed to take a few pictures of Vivi in front of this beautiful part of a mini floral setup, the plants chosen by the owner of the place yields very tiny flowers, perfect for dolls ^o^!

It’s a sunny and slightly breezy day. I have to hold Vivi in my hand rather than let her stand on her own as she may get blown over ^^;

As I continued my walk, a bunch of tall daisies caught my eye :D I love daisies! Vivi looks a bit concerned that they are so big compared to herself…

As for me I’m more concerned about the bug which decided to settle on the flower at the back ^^;

Vivi: You’re going to be late for work!
Me: o_o;;;

Fast forward: Lunch time ^^/ I forgot to bring my waterbottle so I went to get a juice ^^; Vivi wants some too!

It was tiring for her to try to reach the tip of the straw :P

I wonder if I will be able to get another Mamachapp or 2 in future ^^; Really like  the one of Alice in Wonderland (?) theme ^^; wonder if it will be very expensive by the time it comes out (6 months later ^^;) =_=;;;;

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @kelley ah o_o; finally I found the e-mail which I did the transaction (2nd hand) for the wig ^^; the wig’s called “Josephina Ash Blonde Saran” I’m not sure the original source of the wig unfortunately ^^;

  2. kelley
    kelley says:

    Hello, chun

    I just have a simple question. I am getting my dream soon but I am a little stuck on hair color. The main wig you Mirai, like in your last post about her on the 17th, what color is her wig? Is it cream or ivory? I really want one of those colors, but I wanted to see the color on a Dollfie first.

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @yamada my favorites are Daisies and forget-me-nots ^^ I thought sakura blooms only in spring?

    @chibinezumi Watching toy shop is alright I guess lol I don’t know everything so it can be a bit hard, have to call and bother my boss during his day off ^^;

    @Aquilla awww good luck! :D Wonder which you’re getting! Please take lots of pix when you do ^o^! I need to kick my butt and sell my boy doll’s body sometime ^^;;; ugh selling stuff is pain in the butt!

  4. Aquilla
    Aquilla says:

    I am actually now in the process of trying to get a mama chapp of my own now XD. My custom 1/6 doll is almost done now, but I still want a mama chapp pretty much. I sold my dream of doll guy a couple weeks back, so I’ve got the funds, now I’m on the hunt for a chapp of my own!

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