Puppy Love *Your Royal Highness* set for Dollfie Dream Dynamite body

10April 2013: Item reached winner ^o^ positive feedback received ^o^! Thank you so much! An extra pair of white socks for good measure ^^;/

8 April 2013: Item has been shipped, tracking info sent to winner, positive feedback left. :D

7 April 2013: Auction ended Thank you! Payment recieved from speedy paying winner! Thank you! Items are being packed to ship :D Will e-mail and leave a feedback when it is shipped!

I think I was talking about making items for Dynamite dollfie dream for a while, unfortunately they do take a while to make, I have to list an evil set while I work on things… ^^;/

Also I am going to be taking part in the Artist Alley in Anime Revolution! :D More details to be posted when I get more information and items settled. Really excited as this is the first time doing a booth for dollfie dream and perhaps some fan art :) Let me know what you might want to see — I’m curious!

Auction includes:
1) High collar blouse in grey stretch material, a “bib” with delicate Japanese lace is sewn on the bib, and decorative bow and pearls are hand stitched in center front. Top closes at the back with doll velcro and snaps.
2) News boy cap, made with a houndstooth fabric, lined in white cotton inside. A decorative Japanese lace in shape of a crown appliqué is hand stitched to the back of the cap.
3) Skirt made with a lovely fabric in black with white crown motifs. The waist band is black on the outside but lined inside in white. Printed black fabric has been tested and should not stain, but I would advice to check diligently especially if you live in a humid country, rather than leaving it on your doll for long periods of time without checking. This skirt will fit DDII/DDIII/DDS waist.
4) White underskirt, with Japanese lace trim, elastic waistband. This skirt will fit DDII/DDIII/DDS waist.
5) Capri pants which is made to fit DDdy only, in dark blue denim with slight stretch, This fabric should not stain, white top stitching, back and side working pockets, back pockets have red and white top stitching of a ribbon bow. Adorable tag on the back left pocket of an apple made with material from Japan. The belt loops are omitted so there is less bulk when the blouse is worn slightly pulled over the waistband. Close in front with clear snaps. No decorative button in front to reduce bulk. This capri will look great worn with boots too! ^^/
6) Socks in black stretch fabric. Sewn with black thread which has been tested to not stain, and white thread zigzag. White bow appliqué lace from Japan hand stitched to the center front of each sock. While I believe this fabric has been tested to not stain, I will still not recommend leaving it for months on end without checking.
7) White panties, with a decorative bow in front.

More photos
(*Important: Doll, eyes, wig and shoes not included.)

Looks good with boots too :3 — please put white/light coloured socks on your dollfie dream if the boots are black coloured inside!

Instagram sneak previews:

Stain testing: No stains so far, threads were tied on way earlier, also no staining noted. Dark fabric tend to leave some lint on the dollfie dream body tho. But can be brushed or blown off.

Thanks for looking :D

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  1. Bishop
    Bishop says:

    I participated in this auction, but it ended at $310, is too much for my budget. Your work is fantastic, but you do a lot of people getting frustrated T_T It’s a pity! I hope one day I could have a denim design for DDdy, I dream since I found your site!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hi Bishop, thanks for participating in the auction. Sorry currently I am preparing items, and there’s only one person to do all of it, from making the clothes, taking photos, writing the description and then posting it everytime, so while I do that I have to post some auctions otherwise I have no income. I will be making more dynamite items so I thank you for waiting patiently as especially the jeans take me a long time to make with all the details ^^;

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